Key Martial Arts – Closed for time being. Feel free to contact number and email about any inquiries in the St. Paul, MN Area.

Oak Park Heights MN Martial Arts Dojo


“Learn effective self defense techniques and real life application!”

Welcome to Key Martial Arts Stillwater, MN!  We are a school that focuses self defense, and self improvement and specializes in modern martial arts with traditional practices.

Modern Techniques, Traditional Values

At Key Martial Arts, we believe that application of techniques is the best way to practice for real life scenarios, but we also believe in traditional martial arts values.  Traditional values such as

  • Self Discipline
  • Integrity
  • Self Control
  • Courtesy
  • Perseverance

will be a key part of our students curriculum.  As a parent you can expect your child to grow in confidence and self-esteem.

What You’ll Learn At Key Martial Arts

At Key Martial Arts you will not be learning just one martial art.  You will find yourself learning from a wide variety of martial arts and from there developing your own style.  Our instruction will help guide you to find certain techniques and how to work out certain situations, but we strongly believe that everyone has a their own strengths and weaknesses.  Our goal will be to further each individuals strengths while improving their weaknesses into advantages.

Call, Email, or Come in today to sign up for a 1-Week free trial!!

Located at:

5525 Memorial Ave N
Oak Park Heights, MN

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